Milieu is a collective artistic research environment for the participants, mentors and other workers of the a.pass program. In a shared workspace we develop our practices in a collaborative context, on the basis of self-organisation and self-rule. Through individual actions Milieu generates a dynamic territory for exchange, cooperation and (tacit) negotiation. A mutual creation of the individual and the common.

We invite different guests to enter into this environment with us, to participate, open up the proposals and issues addressed in the collective work and/or to problematize the situation, fueling the ecology of ideas and practices in Milieu.

a.pass is an artistic research environment that develops performative and spatial research in an international artistic and educational context. a.pass emphasizes the relation between the research practices and a broader societal field, and encourages engaged transdisciplinary practices.

a.pass offers a one-year artistic research training program at post-master level for artists and theoreticians, based on the principles of self-organization, collaboration and transdisciplinarity. a.pass participants develop an independent artistic research project, with a personalized curriculum in a shared and collectively created research environment.

The a.pass artistic research center develops,documents and archives tools for qualitative and relevant artistic research practices. The research center uses this growing archive to communicate and interact with the artistic and educational field and functions as a forum for the development of a critical approach on
artistic research. In the context of its artistic research center, a.pass offers a tailor-made PhD trajectory for doctoral students that gives the possibility to develop the practice-based part of their PhD research in collective research environment.

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  1. Hey Carol, Thank You sooo much for sharing!!! That’s what makes you so sipceal, you just tell it how it is! You have been so giving and have played a major role in inspiring my artistic journey. This will pass and You’ll be back on the saddle again. Even some of the historical artists had to have breaks! Would we expect athletes to go hard at it during the entire calendar year. Painting is hard mentalphysical work And you are TEACHING on top of that? Girl, I was thinking you were some type of superwoman that didn’t sleep.

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