3. Pierre’s problem



The centre of my attention is the mysterious nature of the ‘stream of consciousness’ where ideas, objects and bodies have the same ontological status. I research ways to experience and learn from this concept. Through the composition and performance of a dance piece or the elaboration of an installation or a talk show… or whatever form, I am still fascinated by this (apparently) simple concept.

As a tool to expose that mysterious stream and as an instrument to observe it, I use ‘theatre in theatre’ apparatuses which are aesthetical translations of ‘critique’, a catalyst for the visibility of the stream. (I understand and use the word ‘critique’ in a different way than the classical one)

Concerning my project of collective practice, I have in mind something involving objects in a room that are arranged and rearranged by people creating individual narratives for themselves about these arrangements. Then, in another phase, these narratives should be mixed up in a specific way to create an experience of a collective stream of consciousness.


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