4. Samah’s problem



Reading images

Performing images

Thinking / Combining / Exploring

Collage and Performance



HANS & PIERRE proposal for a collective practice

National Collage



The workshop aims at a personal re-appropriation of national identity through a redistribution of regional iconographies.

The technique is the one of collage and the material is second-hand art books.

The participants are invited to construct portraits : self-portraits, portraits of their nation-region or any interpretation between these two poles.


-visit a second-hand book shop

-choose and buy art books which constitute for you markers of national/personal identity

– by cutting and pasting, construct a collage-portrait structured by your interpretation of personal/national identity

– end your portrait by writing somewhere your name and your nationality


– use only images of artworks (no text, no plain colours)

– be ready to justify your choices





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