7. Stef’s problem





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TO simply


(L)Aw ^ organization ^ order ^ triangulation

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Proposal Hans & Samah for Stef

Hey Stef,

So me and hans chatted through your project, and we tried to find something that might be similar to love (and how, where it manifests, what bodily organs its involves etc) but that was not very possible, so then we found that maybe we can propose that we stick to love, but take it away from our own interpretation of how we find/fall/meet/encounter love.

We propose The Secret Love Workshop:

The people who participate in this workshop will pull a paper from a raffle-like box of the name of someone who is not necessarily in the workshop as a participant (so it can be either inscribed or not in the workshop) and they need to practice ‘falling in love’ with this person without declaring this openly to them, which is why it is a secret.
The parameters for this engagement are quite ‘simple’:
1. pick a name
2. fall in love by observing, listening, really trying to understand that person in how they appear or present themselves
3. write a diary / or love letters that describe how the person is feeling, seeing, thinking, their moods, what seems to makes them laugh, upset etc.
4. You cannot reveal yourself at anyone
5. give your letters to stef?

🙂 or at least an idea

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