Department of Bad TV

The Annual Bad TV report can now be accessed

Bad TV report


The Bad TV seminar



 a.pass, 4th floor, in the Milieu


‘Head of Bad TV Department’ Anna Sörenson and ‘Bureau of Censorship President of Operation’ Stef Meul in a Bad TV classification evening.

We will step by step take you through the ground pillars of Bad TV, and invite you to a public voting to help us classify the very core of Bad TV.

Your votes will count, your opinion is vital for establishing our index.

Friendly Greetings,

Department of Bad TV

monkey counts








I proposed a day of Bad TV as our shared and collective practice. Around Half way days, that is the time that will work best for me at least. We can discuss And, it is still just a proposition if u not feel up for it.


perfect proposal! How Bad TV can be the worst you ever watched and couldn’t believe how bad watching Bad TV might be… at your disposal, head of department. can i be the censor ?


Hahaha I think so.

Cert_Bad TV

This is our ongoing archive: 


Categories of Bad TV

Morally degrading TV

TV with no content

Poorly produced TV

Boring/ really slow TV

Delusional TV

Hypnotic TV

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