making hi-s-tories

Making Hi-s-tories
This workshop is based on crossovers between the research areas of Samah and Sarah about histories.
The workshop will weave together several ideas around contesting historical narratives, and the power of images, their fetishization, and their potential of/for resistance through methodologies of collage and montage.
The workshop will unfold in more or less the following form:
Tuesday 11-2pm
An introduction (about an hour)
samah and sarah introduce you to the key ideas of our researches, the areas where they cross over, and the texts, images, films that have inspired them in preparation for this workshop.
Making Stories / Making Hi(s)tories (around 2 hours)
“In 2014 a collective of artists, thinkers, filmmakers and performers get together to resist existent modes of educational platforms in artistic practices of their times. Dubbing their collective as ‘Le Milieu’ the group gathers over several months to  discuss their ideologies, the theories that excite them, and the knowledge they hope to share with the world. Their encounter is a fleeting moment in the larger historical trajectory. All they leave behind are traces – images/photographs, gestures  in time and space, texts and fragments of documents- traces of individual experiences of what that moment in time could have been” 
E.H. Gombrich The Story of Art p154
In two separate groups, using texts, images, photographs and video each group will work for a couple of hours in creating 2 separate narratives of this underground collective; their manifesto, a timeline mapping the trajectory of their activities, and we try to imagine the flag they might have made to represent themselves and present themselves to the world with. Using materials provided, as well as materials we bring with us from our own practice (this is where you have a little homework to do!!!) we create a historical document of this precious moment in history.
Wednesday 2-5pm 
Interceptions (half hour or so)
listen and watch at more works that inspire samah and sarah in their work
Collaging History (2 hours)
The groups switch stations.
Using collage and montage sensibilities, the groups reconsider each others historiography to intercept each others narratives.
Then we gather around each each table and people talk about their interventions.
1782 - T Colley - Satirical Print - Red Hot Shot

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