Julien Maire

Workshop proposal with Julien Maire at the Milieu

Proposed dates: July 9-11 2014

Field of work, Depth of field

There are many definitions and uses for the term “fuzzy” but they all involve some reference to a state on instability. The fuzzy logic, for example, is a programming method used in artificial intelligence: the program sets doubts that are not exclusive and that are constantly negotiable. While the Boolean logic is limited to the use of disjunctions, conjunctions and negations, the fuzzy logic reaches a state of sharpness gradually, but the focus is made with hesitation and by approximation.
By analyzing the various definitions of what could be “the fuzzy,” the workshop will question the positioning of the actor, the performer and the spectator inside the “depth of field.” The purpose is to experiment with fuzzyness and sharpness under various angles: working in a space with a fixed lens, with a single point of focus; moving through a space with a variable focus (autofocus); reducing the depth of field (macro, micro photography); and overall to devise alternative principles for “focus control,” the intermediate stages that precede a sound, a gesture, a concept or an image.
The workshop will also provide an introduction to a broad spectrum of digital technologies—arduino, max-msp , sensors and actuators, cameras and 3D design programs—as well as technical optical instruments that allow for an exploration and invention of  “depth of field” in a research lab.

A workshop that combines theoretical and practical approaches to the topics. Some of the questions that will be addressed:

-what is sharp in the mileu what not?

-micro to macro perspectives

-theoretical introduction of the concept field of focus /depth of field and all their means

-hands-on approach with creating something

-thinking about solutions

-mix of intelligence and humor

Artist has also generously offered to conduct part of the workshop at his studio in downtown Brussels, in case we need extra materials/spaces.



Businesses located in Belgium: 208,00/day vat. Included.

208 x 3 days: 624


We agreed to send Julien Maire an inventory of the materials that we have in a.pass but might need to purchase extra equipment, although this issue can be solved by working in his studio. We do think that a.pass needs an overhead projector, and have already sent that request to Steven.


Links to Julien Maire’s work:










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