A Preliminary Analysis of SemiPrivateRoom

(to be continued… to be developed…)

My projection of SPR

A relational quality of impersonal and anonymous intimacy including a degree of self-revelation among random strangers possibly leading to a critical exchange among them.

My interest in SPR

How is it possible to create such temporary SPR instances through everyday interventions in public spheres of the city?

What do these interventions produce? How much the provoked relations contribute to the relational atmosphere that is desired to be created by SPR?

My desires from or Supposed potentials of SPR

To create critical exchange / production / conflict without excluding differences or antagonisms among random passer-bys

To explode individual bubbles of privacy to liberate the intimate self in public

To face and embrace the suppressed self without guilt or shame

To incite care

Opinions to go through the hoop, ideas to deepen and intensify among others

To counter-act disengagement

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