The d. e.

(Notes on) An Analysis of “the disengaged”

My projection on “the disengaged”

She is an overidentification (?) or merely an exaggeration/radicalization/marginalization of an already existing subpersonality of d.e.t. (although, sub- does not mean that they have a hierarchical relationship in terms of reality, truthfulness, or dominance). However, it is tricky in the sense that t.d.e. is already a product of overidentification, exaggeration, radicalization of social constructs and constraints.

Her basic characteristic is an inability of activation – to pass from contemplation to practice, to take respons-ability towards her environment – for several reasons such as, lack or refusal of acknowledgement, lack or overload of time, lack of self-confidence, agency, or determination

                                                                                                                    (in New Left circles questions on whether behaviour is in truth an “act” or whether it is “for real”, and how one could know or prove that (the problem of authenticity) arose)

She acts mainly on expectations rather than personal motivations or desires. In the meantime, she either does not acknowledge or care for motivations, internalizes external conditions as motivations, or totally dissociates from motivations and become automatized.

a personality mode that kicks in (appears on a temporary basis) to allow a person to cope with certain types of psychosocial situations (a subpersonality) – – –  the mode may include thoughts, feelings, actions, physiology, and other elements of human behavior to self-present a particular mode that works to negate particular psychosocial situations

I assume the disengaged to be the “character mask of the era” which means,” according to Marx and Engels, to its main symbolic expressions of self-justification or apologism, the function of which is to disguise, embellish or mystifysocial contradictions.” (wiki-character mask) Therefore, I believe in its practice as a persone because as a “mystical truth” it means something, “which cannot be definitely proved, because it results from an abstractive procedure or cognition which is not logical, and cannot be tested scientifically, only subjectively experienced.” (wiki-character mask)

Keeping personal motivations out of the business or official situation indeed becomes regarded as “normal”, “cultured”, “businesslike” and “civilized”. Indeed, people are admired when they can “naturally” fulfill a role. In that case, it appears that they have made life-choices which placed them in a role in which they can fully express who they are. Incongruence between authentic behaviour and an “act” may then become difficult to detect.” (wiki-character mask)


My interest for “the disengaged”

to disorient others, by continuously posing the question of whom they are speaking to

the interest in the d. e. is an interest in “social construction of personal identity”

to unload the commonly unspoken and unacknowledged or privatized self – the public – secret as a potential provocateur of discussion

by revealing individual internalized social construction as a persona, i.e. the disengaged, topotentially  liberate what’s behind the mask, to make that invisible self grapable

on top an relevation of the nature and patterns of the mask, the traits of the d. e., the isue emerges  the conflict between the mask and its bearer as its problematization by the so-called “authentic” self repressed by the mask and as this self’s suffering from being manifested in the face of the d.e. and its struggle for liberation from the d. e.

My desire for “the disengaged”

To understand and reveal the contemporary society’s configuration of individuals as nullified elements.

By revealing the character mask of the era in the face of “the disengaged”, to bring it public acknowledgement, scrutiny and concern

Conditions of creation for “the disengaged”

an altered state of consciousness in single body (alter-ego)

self-dissatisfaction, self-devastation, shame, guilt

over-abuse of passive voice (?)

assuming that a normal person has a dozen subpersonalities; it demands medias and/or modes of  exposure/revelation

       What are the functions and interests of t.d.e.?

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