Elke Van Campenhout / Bureau d’Espoir

Elke Van Campenhout is the head of research of the a.pass research environment. In Milieu she will develop different practices: first she wants to build a workspace for her research project Bureau d’Espoir. Bureau d’Espoir would then start to develop performative objects and rituals to charge the space through the choreography of the common body. Also she would like to start up the Morpho bank: an alternative currency practice, aiming at reducing every participant’s ‘real’ expenses by one third. Next to that she’d like to write in public the visitation report of the a.pass program.

elke’s background: elke van campenhout studied philosophy and performance studies at the University of Leuven and the University of North-London. she worked for 5 years as a critic and essay writer for the daily newspaper De Standaard, and the classical radio station Klara. In that period she was also the head editor of the performance magazine Etcetera. Later on she started investing more and more in the development of alternative workspaces for artistic research and collaborative artistic work. Among others she worked at workspaces nadine (Brussels), Gasthuis (Amsterdam), kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Buda (Kortrijk), etc… In 2007 she developed the full-time international research program a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) in Brussels: a post-master and Phd environment for artists and theoreticians who want to question, challenge or reorient their artistic practice in an collaborative and self-organized setting. In that framework she developed the long-term research project ‘Bureau d’Espoir‘ in a series of collaborative experimental formats, diving into ‘contemporary hope practices’ as potential motors for societal change and awareness.

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