Gosie Vervloessem

Life Fermented, the voice of the bacteria , a post-pasteurian research



Fermentation is above all a very slow process, from which the result is very unpredictable.  It’s a  process that requires a lot of attention, but in the end, it leads its own life. You have to give it out of your hands. No matter how precise you try to be, in the end the result is  something that is little different every day, something that is constantly surprising. The real fermentisas/os see their work as a very tight collaboration between different living species. They do not rely on measuring and ph leveling, but more on their senses. And they are prepared to happily throw a product away if it seems rotten. The concept of fermentation also point out a political question (in the more narrow sense of the word). Heather Paxson, an anthropologist at MIT writes (in a book on Cheese- the life of Cheese): ‘where Pasteurianims creates in citizens the expectations that the state will ensure a safe food supply, such that ‘food panics’ throw into doubt, the state’s ability to regulate businesses and bodies, postPasteurian questions whether the state regulators have only the interest of citizen consumers at heart.’ In addition to this: in the Slow Art Manifesto / Brussels 2012, flavored by the famous Brettonomyces Brusselienis: ‘A cultural field without artist run organizations is unhealthy. Distrust artist communities that rely on the already existing institutions. Also distrust governments that claim that art is important, but subsequently fail to recognize artist initiatives.’

Readings: Massumi – Event horizon : http://www.brianmassumi.com/textes/Event%20horizon.pdf, Latour – We have never been modern + The pasteurization of France, Westerman – De Graanrepubliek

Interviews: In the past few weeks, I met a lot of people actually fermenting (fizzy people mostly working in organizations) tasting -interviews.

–        on methods and recipes.

–        on what fermentation means for your life, your work,..?

–        on what is a fermenting environment/what is fermenting discourse/what is the momentum of fermentation/in what way is fermentation a political choice?

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