Rareş Crăiuţ

Bain-marie Brunch series

How good is live food? The Bain-marie Brunch is a series of performance reenactments reheating, melting together or distilling new food centered performances. Taster menus following signature performances will be served to nourish our understanding of the ordinary and extraordinary about food as an event.

The shows will be followed by a… brunch.

The event will take place at Rue de Fierlant 99 – sign6

To sign up send a message to cook@performingfood.com

Rareş Crăiuţ

Getting a taste for food

Food is highly charged with meaning and affect; it is performing and theatrical and, as live art, it is fleeting and sensorial.  Today, in a world where or one in eight people are suffering from chronic undernourishment, cooking methods, consumption protocols and gastronomic speeches are lengthy elaborated. So what is there left for artists? Looking careful at food particularities we may witness the ordinary and extraordinary about food as an event, catching the interest of chefs as well as artists and social campaigners. To sign up email: cook@performingfood.com

The event will be held on the 5/30/2014 at sign6 on Rue de Fierlant 99, Foret, Brussels.



The Resto is a performative device, gathering together “part of my research as a dish“ presentations developed together with APass participants. The “dish“ will be both perfomative and consumption ready. We will work over the course of several meetings and emails on developing the dishes and will meet intensively in the kitchen for 5 days prior to the opening of the Resto. The Resto will invite people from outside of the Apass research environment and as customers they will be able to order from a menu gathering all of the dishes. We could even have a special of the day. If you are interested we can start with a dedicated workshop: “Getting a taste for food“.

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